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"Why Should I Pump My Concrete?"
A concrete pump places concrete faster with less labor than any other method.

You can save money and free up valuable personnel for other duties. Direct placement without re-handling improves concrete quality and reduces labor. A concrete pump causes less congestion than most other methods.

For the most efficient and cost effective method of placing concrete in the construction industry today...


"Concrete Pumps Are Reliable."
A modern concrete pump in the hands of a professional concrete pumping operation is very reliable. The break-down factor is about 1%. With the widespread use of concrete pumps, you can generally get a replacement pump quickly, even if from a different company. Concrete pumping companies work together to be sure the customer is serviced. Most pumpers carry spare parts and can fix most problems quickly.

"Will I Need A Special Mix?"
Modern concrete pumps will pump most standard mixes. If a mix has to be changed, it generally will not require additional cement or expense, as the requirements a pump needs -- a well-graded, homogeneous, dense mix -- are things that are important for good concrete. Good concrete -- good to finish, good to place -- generally pumps good.

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