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VA Outpatient Clinic

VA Outpatient Clinic

Our scope of work on this project started from the ground up, we began with site demolition and haul off of existing buildings, concrete, asphalt, curbs & trees as well as the existing water line, sewer line, and storm lines. Provided erosion control around the construction area, excavated the detention ponds, rough graded and imported fill to balance the site. Installed domestic water line, sanitary sewer line, storm drainage system, and fire line. Prepped and paved an estimated 187,400 sf of 2” & 3” hot mix asphaltic concrete. Completed 19,600 sf of concrete paving, 42,200 sf sidewalks and curbs. We also completed the striping package including parking spaces, ADA signs, crosswalks, car stops, arrows and fire line. And finally we completed the building fill and 83,800 sf of slab on grade, and retaining walls.


27 December 2015


Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic