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ACPA Certified Operators
L&G Concrete Equipment has pump operators that are certified by the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA). This comprehensive training and testing assures that our operators understand the operation of the concrete pump and the safety concerns for themselves and our customers. We are proud to be ACPA members and encourage all concrete professionals to subscribe to the safety practices promoted by the ACPA, including:

Most important, what does certification mean?

The purpose of certification is to improve the safety awareness of concrete pump operators. Certification thus permits concrete pump operators to raise the professional standards of the industry by maintaining and improving safe operation of concrete pumps.

The program requires operators to have specified experience and a safe driving record with the particular equipment for which the operator would be certified. It also requires that the operator pass an examination that tests knowledge of the equipment and it's safe operation. Successful operators receive a wallet-size certificate that designates them as A CERTIFIED CONCRETE PUMP OPERATOR.


• BE ON TIME AND BE PREPARED TO WORK. This is very important to safety, as being late may cause an operator to hurry or take short-cuts in safety procedures. The safe operation is then extended to the pre-job inspection of the concrete pump before leaving the yard; driving to the job site safely; setting up and safely operating the concrete pump on the job site; clean-up and driving back to the yard, or on the next pumping job. The last part of a safe operation, is checking and cleaning the pump to prepare for the next safe pour.

• Before entering any work area, an operator should have the following:
   • Hard Hat
   • Safety Goggles or Safety Glasses
   • Heavy Duty Work Shoes or Boots
   • Rubber Boots (for clean-out)
   • Work Gloves

• Check engine oil, hydraulic oil, and radiator water before starting engine. Inspect all safety covers, instruments, gauges, grates, tires, outriggers, etc. for safety and proper operation. A D.O.T. pre-check inspection must be performed, if required.

A pump operator should verify proper clean-out equipment is available and also verify proper number of safety slings, cables, or chains are available for any system which can fall or drop. All clamps, if so designed, should be pinned at all times, including boom system. A general rule is: one safety sling for every item hanging from the boom. The anchor point for a safety sling should be the boom itself not pipeline.

It is important for a pump operator to know who will be giving the directions for the movement of the boom. Therefore, you must determine who this person is. ONLY ONE PERSON is to give directions to the pump operator. There are thirteen (13) safety hand signals - every concrete pump operator should know them.

L&G Concrete Equipment recognizes and enforces a drug free work place. It is the responsibility of the employees to adhere to the employer's substance abuse program. Remember: DRUGS AND CONCRETE DO NOT MIX.

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