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L & G has a range of expertise to take you from the initial site layout through final inspection.

We have earned a reputation within the community and construction industry for our commitment to quality, integrity and job safety. Getting our crews home safe to their families is job one.

Largest Concrete Pumps in the Rio Grande Valley

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Site & Utility Construction

L&G Concrete Equipment LTD was formed in 2000 to serve commercial, industrial, and residential customers who have a need for an efficient and reliable means of placing concrete.

At times a pump is the only way of placing concrete in a certain location; such as large slabs or high rise buildings and hard to reach places.


Some of our site work specialties:


  • 17M – 45 ft. horizontal reach, pumps 120 yds./hr.
  • 32XL – 93 ft. horizontal reach, pumps 130 yds./hr.
  • 34XL – 98 ft. horizontal reach, pumps 130 yds.
  • 42XL1 – 125 ft. horizontal reach, pumps 130 yds./hr
  • 42XL2 – 125 ft. horizontal reach, pumps 130 yds./hr
  • 42SX3 – 125ft. horizontal reach, pumps170 yds./hr
  • 47SX – 141 ft. horizontal reach, 154’6 vertical reach, pumps 170 yds./hr


Soil Stabilization

Why Choose Us?

We have the concrete pump that will meet your needs. Call now to schedule a pump and take advantage of our competitive rates. Call our dispatch department at (956) 565-6336 or 1-877-507-PUMP.

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We offer a one-stop experience or independent services throughout South Texas and all of the Rio Grande Valley.