l&g is the only licensed ductilcrete

installer in SOUTH TEXAS
L&G Concrete

DUCTILCRETE® is a patented formula concrete system that provides a virtually curl-free slab, using 75% fewer joints than conventional concrete and no steel reinforcing. As a licensed installer, we use Ductilcrete’s patented formula in a 2-step placement system to create ultra-flat, long-lasting slabs.


Industrial flooring in warehouses and manufacturing facilities take a great deal of wear and tear that can lead to serious maintenance issues and cost. Owners, investors and tenants want floors that are flat, have limited joints and require minimal long-term maintenance. DUCTILCRETE® engineered systems help you achieve these objectives by extending joint spacing, reducing curling and the associated maintenance of your floor.

To ensure a highest quality, DUCTILCRETE® systems can only be installed by professionally trained licensees.

DUCTILCRETE® installations provide the following benefits vs. traditional flooring systems:

Increased load bearing capacity

More flexibility in facility usage and layout

Reduced fatigue from loads

Reduces curling and slab profile

Significantly less differential shrinkage

Unrestricted placement size

All of these benefits positively influence the construction schedule and long-term cost of maintaining high performance industrial flooring.


The design stage is just as important as the construction phase. With more than 80 years of experience in the concrete business, DUCTILCRETE understands that proper slab on grade designs, optimized mix designs as well as concrete placement are essential to a quality concrete slab. DUCTILCRETE provides L&G with validated designs and specifications, including site specific details (inclusive of load capacity charts).


DUCTILCRETE® slabs dramatically increase joint spacing for industrial flooring projects. Whether extended to column line spacing or beyond, reduced joints means reduced:

Joint filling




Long term maintenance costs


Concrete paving can have many of the same challenges as floor slabs. Cracking, curling and pavement joints can be major issues. DUCTILCRETE® engineered systems for paving can offer low lifecycle, sustainable, durable pavement solutions with resistance to salts and de-icers.