L&G Concrete Equipment LTD was formed in 2000 to provide reliable and efficient concrete placement. Along with pumping concrete, we strive to laser level your floors to the highest standard. We have added a 100 & 300 ton crane to our service fleet, ready to pick up your tilt wall panels, metal building structures etc...

Call now to schedule a pump, crane or laser screed and take advantage of our competitive rates. Call our dispatch department at (956) 565-6336 or 1-877-507-PUMP.

Some of our specialties

Concrete Pumping

Laser Screed Leveling

Crane Services

Company Owned Pumps

ACPA Certified Operators

Residential & Commercial Services Available

20+ Years of Experience

Residential & Commercial Service

Concrete Pumping

Extra Manpower, Hoses, or Specialty Placement?

If you need extra hoses or manpower, we Got you covered. Our rates are the best in South Texas and our customer service is unmatched. We will discuss the details with you to make sure your placement goes as smooth as the concrete floor you're about to pour.

Professional Standards

Safety is our first priority, all of our operators are ACPA certified and trained regularly.

Residential & Commercial Service

Crane Services

We have the right equipment for your next lift!

Tilt Wall Panel Lifting

Metal Structure Lifting

On Site Lifting

Professional Standards

We have a 100 & 300 ton crane ready for your next lifting project. All of our operators are regularly trained in safety and operations procedures.

Residential & Commercial Service

Laser Screed Leveling

Our Somero S-240 Laser Screed Leveling system is sure to provide you with the highest FF & FL numbers. Count on us for a smooth place & finish.

Laser Guided

Operators with over 20 years experience

Over 40 years of experience in the industry

What are the benefits of a laser leveled floor?

Laser leveling provides higher quality, flatter floors and fast tracks production leading to shortened schedules. Concrete is leveled and compacted in one complete operation, producing high strength, dense durable slabs.

3D Laser Technology assures greater accuracy and allows use of the machine on inclines, catch basins, curved profiles and compound curves.

This custom designed laser system with 2 independently mounted laser receivers and on-board computer control panel provides continuous elevation monitoring at a rate of 10 times per second.

The hydraulic powered laser controlled screeding head mounted on this telescopic boom consists of a plow that removes excess concrete, an auger that cuts to grade and a vibrator that consolidates material at 3000VPM.


Residential & Commercial

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